Jan 20, 2024

Privacy, Context Copilot, Autolaunch and many more

Privacy, Context Copilot, Autolaunch and many more

πŸ€– Upgraded Assistance with Spella

Our copilot chat now understands your discussion's context better. It can pick out main points, suggest better communication, and even add jokes. Adapts to each meeting's unique style for personalized help

πŸ”’ Enhanced Privacy with Audio Auto-Removal

Your privacy is our top priority. Our new feature automatically deletes audio data from our servers after a set time, initially 7 days. You can adjust this in the app settings

πŸš€ Automatic Spellar Launch

Spellar recordings now auto-launch during your scheduled online meetings. This allows our AI copilot to easily blend into your routine, eliminating manual steps. To customize this feature, visit the app settings and don’t forget to grant calendar permission

βš™οΈ General Improvements:

  • App: fixed the update issue. Updates now happen without needing to manually close the app
  • MenuBar: updated icons show when recording is active or auto-recording is enabled
  • Recordings: introduced pagination, allowing access to older recordings
  • Design: made minor UI tweaks and improvements for a better experience