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Feb 1, 2024

Vocabulary Suggestions




Vocabulary Suggestions

This feature analyzes your recorded conversations and provides suggestions for alternative phrases that can enhance your communication style. It helps you improve your choice of words and express yourself more effectively.

💅 Improvements:

  • Menu Bar: Updated icons and a new timer for ongoing recordings

  • Copilot: Enhanced chat with new commands

  • Copilot: New icon for pace monitoring

  • Copilot: Improved duration formatting for recordings exceeding 2 hours

  • Copilot: Fixed duplicated pace messages and ensured uninterrupted pace message delivery

🐛 Fixes:

  • Copilot: Fixed an issue with context reception in meetings

  • Menu Bar: Resolved the "stop recording" function issue

  • Autorecording: Fixed recording initiation during laptop lock

Jan 20, 2024

Privacy, Context Copilot, Autolaunch and many more




🤖 Upgraded Assistance with Spella

Our copilot chat now understands your discussion's context better. It can pick out main points, suggest better communication, and even add jokes. Adapts to each meeting's unique style for personalized help

🔒 Enhanced Privacy with Audio Auto-Removal

Your privacy is our top priority. Our new feature automatically deletes audio data from our servers after a set time, initially 7 days. You can adjust this in the app settings

🚀 Automatic Spellar Launch

Spellar recordings now auto-launch during your scheduled online meetings. This allows our AI copilot to easily blend into your routine, eliminating manual steps. To customize this feature, visit the app settings and don’t forget to grant calendar permission

⚙️ General Improvements:

  • App: fixed the update issue. Updates now happen without needing to manually close the app

  • MenuBar: updated icons show when recording is active or auto-recording is enabled

  • Recordings: introduced pagination, allowing access to older recordings

  • Design: made minor UI tweaks and improvements for a better experience

Jan 15, 2024

Notifications, Advanced Meeting Summary




📝 Advanced Meeting Summaries

Using its better understanding of meeting contexts, Spellar now creates more detailed summaries of your meetings. These include the topics talked about and next steps to take, giving you a clearer record of your discussions

🔔Push Notifications

Receive a notification if there's a scheduled meeting in your calendar and no active recording is detected. Start recording with just a click. Plus, get reminders to maintain your activity streak

💎 Improvements

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Dec 10, 2023

Redesign 2.0




Exciting news from Spellar AI! We’ve launched a major update, building on our initial launch with enhanced features and a more intuitive experience.

  • Redesigned Interface: An intuitive and user-friendly app design for a seamless experience.

  • Upgraded Speaking Coach: Improved guidance for clear and confident communication.

  • New Chat Assistant: Accessible during meetings for uninterrupted guidance.

  • Calendar Integration and Widgets: Manage schedules and record meetings easily with Spellar.

  • New Follow-Up Feature: Post-meeting analysis and practice tools to refine speaking skills.


  • Speaking Mastery: Advanced modules for English mastery, vocabulary, and dialect adaptation.

  • Comprehensive Speaking Coach: Track progress and engage in targeted exercises.

  • Meeting Assistant: Tools for scheduling, in-meeting feedback, and post-meeting transcriptions and summaries.

Our Evolution:

  • From Speechy AI to Spellar AI: A significant rebranding reflecting our commitment to language and speech enhancement.

  • User-Driven Development: User feedback has shaped a more intuitive and user-friendly tool.

  • Revamped Features: Including app redesign, enhanced speaking coach, chat assistant, calendar integration, and a follow-up feature for continuous learning and development.

Oct 30, 2023
beta v1.1.12

Calendar Widgets and Google Sign-In




In this update, we've simplified the process of starting and recording meetings for you. Forget about Cron, Zoom calendar plugins or whatever you used before — our new calendar widget has you covered.

It allows you to join a meeting and kick-off automatic recording in Spellar, all from your desktop or menu bar.

Calendar Widgets

  • Never miss a meeting again! Add Spellar widgets directly to your macOS Notification Center or Desktop. Just click "Edit Widgets" and include Spellar among your widget options. Make sure you have access to the Calendar function.

  • This widget is more than just eye candy; it's functional. View your upcoming events on the Spellar Calendar Widget, and initiate recording for them with a single click—no need to navigate through the app.

  • You can also leap straight to an event within Spellar via the widget, so you don't miss crucial moments.

Google Sign-In

  • Signing into Spellar has never been this easy. Use Google Sign-In for quick access to your Spellar account, eliminating the need to remember another password.

How to Add the Widget

  1. Click on the time/date in the menu bar to open the Notification Center.

  2. Scroll down and click "Edit Widgets."

  3. Find Spellar and add the widget to your Notification Center.

  4. Or, right-click on your Desktop, choose "Edit Widgets," and add Spellar from there.

We continue to improve Spellar to make your experience as seamless as possible. Update your app today for a more efficient workflow!

Oct 10, 2023
beta v1.1.10

Calendar, rebranding and One More Thing




Hey everyone!

We've got a big update for you. First, let's start with some exciting news. During the last month, we've had a crazy story unfold, and we're going to share all the details with you tomorrow on Twitter. If you haven't subscribed to our Twitter yet, now's a good time. Because of this story, we've gone through a rebranding. So from now on, we're known as Spellar AI.

Now, onto the new stuff in this update. We're thrilled to roll out a groundbreaking Menu Bar Calendar Feature designed specifically for managing your conference calls with ease and don't forget Spellar recordings to start 🌝. We've also polished user preferences, bringing you more customization options and better system analysis. Plus, there are plenty of other improvements and bug fixes.

Menu Bar Calendar Feature for Conference Calls

  • Never Miss a Recording: The feature ensures you never forget to start recording when your conference call begins. A smart notification nudges you just in time.

  • Overview in the Menu Bar: Easily access your entire schedule right from the menu bar, offering you a quick overview without opening the full calendar.

  • Instant Join for Events: Your next event appears in the menu bar for quick and easy access. Click on it to join the conference call instantly. If the conference service has a native app installed, it launches automatically.

  • Real-Time Updates: Any new invites or changes to existing events are updated in the menu bar instantly, keeping you in the loop at all times.

  • Status Indicators: Icons provide a quick status overview for events, such as “Unresponded”, “Maybe”, or “All participants have declined”.

  • Quick Actions for RSVP: Without opening the full calendar, change your RSVP status or email participants directly from the menu bar.

  • Manage Time Efficiently: A built-in timer in the menu bar lets you keep track of the duration of your ongoing meetings.

  • Smart Alerts for Back-to-Back Meetings: Receive smart notifications for consecutive meetings, so you’re always prepared for the next one.

  • Personalize to Your Liking: Adjust settings like pop-up timings and visible calendars to suit your personal needs.

  • Universal Compatibility: Syncs with iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo, and other CalDav services.

New Features

  • Switching Microphones: Now switch your microphone effortlessly from either the menu bar or settings for optimum audio quality.

  • Enhanced User Profile: Update your occupation and dialect. This improves the system's analysis and tailors the experience more closely to your needs.

  • Onboarding: Refined the onboarding experience with new audio wave guidance and question prompts.

  • Menu Bar: Included a new version label for easier identification.


  • Content & Typography: Consistent and comfortable visual upgrades in fonts and typography.

Bug Fixes

  • Content & Recordings: Resolved text overlap, scroll-jump issues, and focus loss or drag when toggling between windows.

  • Design & Pronunciation Popover: Fixed inconsistencies and unresponsive issues.

  • General: Addressed crashes for some users.

Third-Party Extensions

  • Access Tokens: Added a feature to copy access tokens for use in third-party extensions (Raycast Extension is coming soon).

Sep 29, 2023
beta v1.1.7

Critical Bug Fixes




This update (v1.1.7) includes critical bug fixes. It resolves an issue with the pronunciation popover becoming unresponsive, makes minor UI improvements for the popover, corrects text issues in the content of the recording, and adds a feature in settings to copy the access token for third-party extensions.


  • We resolved an issue where the pronunciation popover could become unresponsive after the second click.

  • We made minor UI improvements for the pronunciation popover and corrected text issues in the recording content.

  • I added a feature in settings to copy your access token, which can be used in third-party extensions.

Sep 22, 2023
beta v1.1.6

Settings, Dialect and Occupation Selection, Microphone selection





We have now finalized our settings in the design. If you missed updating your occupation or preferred dialect during the onboarding process or if you have never selected them, you can do so now.

We have also added the most requested feature, which allows you to switch the source input for the beret (selected microphone).

  • Menu Bar: Added a version label in the menu bar for easy identification of the current version.

  • Menu Bar: Added a menu for switching microphones. Note that switching during recording may start a new recording.


  • Improved typography.

Bug Fixes

  • Recordings: Fixed the issue of dragging or loss of focus when switching back to the main window from the foreground.

  • Speaking Style: Design fixes for the selected item.

Sep 20, 2023
beta v1.1.5

Onboarding Personalisation & Other Improvements




Version 1.1.5 of the release includes onboarding personalization improvements, such as the addition of an audio wave and new questions, as well as bug fixes related to content display and scrolling. Additionally, fonts have been updated throughout the app for a more consistent and comfortable reading experience.


  • Onboarding: Removed real-time transcribe and added audio wave – now it should be clearer how to walk through.

  • Onboarding: Added new questions and workflow demo.


  • Content: Updated fonts everywhere to make them more consistent and comfortable to read.

Bug fixes

  • Content: Fixed issue where text could be drawn one above another.

  • Content: Resolved problem with scroll jumping when selecting recordings.

  • Crash fixes: Addressed crashes that some users may have experienced.

Sep 8, 2023
beta v1.1.3

Redesigned Recordings List




We're thrilled to bring you the latest version of Spellar AI, packed with new features and improvements. Here's what's new in version 1.1.3:

  • Recording Metadata Fixes: Resolved issues where the summary, header, and description for recordings were mixed up or duplicated.

  • Redesigned Recordings List: The sidebar is now resizable, and you have the option to hide it completely for a cleaner interface.

  • Enhanced Chunk Sending: Improved the process for sending audio chunks for better performance and reliability.

  • Streamlined UI: The main window now closes automatically when a recording starts, helping you focus on the task at hand.

  • Easy Feedback Access: We've added a feedback section to the menu bar for more convenient communication with our team.

Aug 28, 2023
beta v1.0.81





We are excited to announce the release of our new application version, v1.0.81, which boasts a complete redesign for a fresh and modern look.

Our goal was to create a clean, intuitive, and visually appealing interface that enhances your user experience. We hope you will love it as much as we do! 🚀


  • Misc: The application now resides entirely in the menu bar. Note that to quit it completely, you need to trigger the "Quit" action in the menu bar

  • Onboarding: We improved text transcription for cases when you don't have Siri dictionaries

  • Recording: We added a sound effect when the recording started

  • Main Window: We made it a bit smaller, and will make it even more flexible in the next version

Aug 18, 2023
beta v1.0.73

Onboarding & Sign In





  • Improved the onboarding flow for a smoother user experience

  • Added instructional tooltips for new users

  • Streamlined the account creation process

  • New permissions screen


  • Updated the Sign In with Apple screen with a new design and improved functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the recording screen would get stuck whenever an error occurred

  • Fixed an issue where changing the audio input would start a new recording without saving previous data. This will be improved in the future.

Aug 4, 2023
beta v1.0.64

Chunks & Other Improvements




We are pleased to announce the release of Spellar AI version 1.0.64 alpha.

Although it may not seem like a huge update at first glance, we have made significant changes to the processing of your recordings. Now, the processing will be almost immediate, meaning you can get results for a one-hour meeting in just a few seconds.Please keep in mind that this is still an alpha version and there is a lot of work yet to be done. As a result, the app may not work as expected or may even crash. We are addressing all issues and keeping them on track. The next release will include new designs, onboarding flows, and updated sign-in screens. Follow us on Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter to stay updated.

Also note that there are some known issues, including problems with changing input devices during recording and lag in text rendering. For more information, refer to the "Issues we know about or what's not supported" section.

Here is the full changelog:


  • Recording: The process is now completely different under the hood, resulting in faster and more accurate results


  • Popover: We've made some improvements to the popover for pronunciation mistakes. It should now be easier to understand the feedback provided

  • Recording: You can now close the main window during the recording


  • Windows: We fixed an issue where you couldn't open the main window from the menu bar after closing it with ⌘+W.

  • Floating Window: When you stopped recording from our floating window (realtime co-pilot), it didn't show the main window. We've now resolved this issue.

  • First-User-Experience: We finally fixed the issue where Spellar AI would prompt you to go to the terminal and run a command when you first opened it.

Known Issues and Unsupported Features

  • Spellar AI may not work or even crash if you change the microphone or sound input during recording.

    • We plan to support input device switching in the future.

  • Text rendering may lag, especially if you scroll fast (we use SwiftUI). It can also have some edge cases that don't work properly when you change the size of the window. The frame won't recalculate until you re-enter the screen.

Jul 21, 2023
beta v1.0.35

New release




🎉 We are happy to announce the new release, version 1.0.33! 🎉

Check out the new features we've added, including a floating window for speaking pace, real-time transcription, and shortcuts for easier control. We've also made some improvements to the UI/UX and analysis quality.

Please note that there are some known issues, including problems with changing input devices during recording and lag in text rendering. Check out the "Issues we know about or what's not supported" section for more information.

Here is the full changelog:


  • Floating window: You can now see a small window showing your current speaking pace that gives you suggestions if you speak too fast or slow. We plan to add more features like suggesting topics for small talk or showing you the top filler words you’re using during the recording.

  • Real-time: You will now see real-time transcription during recording. It may be useful if you are practising English with Spellar AI without meetings or presentations.

  • Shortcuts: You can now use key combinations to control Spellar AI.

    • Start or stop recording by pressing ⌘ + R.

    • Press space to start/stop recording playback.

    • Press or while playing a recording to slide backwards or forward.

    • This is still a work in progress as we’re planning to support it in a better way so Spellar AI feels totally native.

  • Errors: Now, if something goes wrong, you will see a banner describing the issue.

  • Permissions: Processing goes properly and you won’t get a crash for the case you restricted permission. However, we have an issue when Speech Recognition permission doesn’t get asked, which causes text transcription to not work. Please report feedback if you have this case.

  • Sign In with Apple: You can now use Apple to sign in/sign up.

  • Analysis: There is now a popover showing transcription with badly pronounced words. To activate it, click on any highlighted word in the pronunciation tab of the Feedback section.

  • Icon: We updated our main icons and menubar icon 🎉


  • Redesign: We introduced new colours, screen layout, and improved the UI/UX in general.

  • Recording: You can now close the main window during the recording.

  • Sign-In Screen: We improved the sign-in and sign-up screens if you previously used email.

  • Analysis: We improved the quality of analysis for pronunciation and grammar, so it should give proper recommendations now. Keep in mind that it’s currently quite limited, and for some meetings, you may not see the analysis for the full text.

  • Menu Bar: We left only working actions, now it’s quite few of them tho 😬

Known Issues and Unsupported Features

  • Spellar AI may not work or even crash if you change the microphone or sound input during recording.

    • We plan to support input device switching in the future.

  • Text rendering may lag, especially if you scroll fast (we use SwiftUI). It can also have some edge cases that don't work properly when you change the size of the window. The frame won't recalculate until you re-enter the screen.

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We kindly ask for your contribution to support our project. Please help us build the future of Spellar AI


We kindly ask for your contribution to support our project. Please help us build the future of Spellar AI